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7 Causes of Injuries on Home Construction Sites

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 05 December 2018 12:40

It’s crucial that everyone in the real estate industry fully understand that the hardest workers are those that actually build all of our beautiful homes from the ground up. It goes without saying that contractors of all types have a lot to deal with in terms of insurance and other safety precautions, and this is simply because building a home requires so much intrinsic dangers that must be faced professionally and confidently.

Of course there are always going to be injuries on construction jobs no matter how big the workload is, and we’re very lucky to have teamed up with a work injury lawyer oakland to collaborate with us on this list of 7 of the most common injuries on home construction sites. So whether you’re a contractor, construction worker, homeowner or whatever in the real estate industry, these injuries do apply to you and understanding how they’re caused can make any renovation or home construction process that much safer.


This is by far one of the most common injuries that happen on construction sites of all types, including residential real estate projects. There are a whole slew of reasons why these incidents occur, including dangerous ladders, bad scaffolding or simply not enough safety measures to protect employees from falling. Falls can be somewhat minor or extremely severe, but it should be known by all that the most common type of injury includes falling, and that can happen just about anywhere on a construction site.

Caught between objects

This is always something that’s a cringeworthy thought, but it does happen quite a lot and deserves being recognized on this list. People often times get crushed by structures that collapse or other materials colliding with equipment. Many times these injuries are very dangerous and severe, so it’s always important to make sure all construction workers are cognizant of themselves and their surroundings at all times.


This is the third leading cause of fatalities on all ubiquitous construction sties throughout the entire country, and of course on home construction sites there are a lot of electrical dangers at play for everyone involved. There are a ton of different ways in which a construction team or electrician can endure some type of dangerous situation while on a construction job, so it’s always important to ensure all safety for everyone on site when electrical work is being done.

Highway Collisions

Motor vehicle collisions are always going to be on this list pretty much because commuting to and from work is still considered on-the-job injury situations. But also, when it comes to home construction sites there are always going to be a lot of reasons why employees need to travel around in cars or other trucks.

Inadequate Hazard Communication

It’s always very crucial that all hazardous materials and area be properly marked on construction sites, because there’s no telling when someone is going to negligently step themselves into a hazardous situation simply because it wasn’t marked. It’s a really easy way to find yourself with a pretty hefty lawsuit, so no matter what the job is these areas are required to be marked out legitimately so everyone can tell where the hazardous area is.

Respiratory Ailments

When a construction company or contractor doesn’t take air and respiration seriously this can lead to some pretty drastic injuries for construction employees. There are pretty strict OSHA rules when it comes to air quality in the workplace, and this is because countless construction men and women have lost their lives due to bad air in their work environments.

Industrial Vehicle Accidents

A lot of times this will involve vehicles likes forklifts and other types of construction vehicles, and the ramifications of these accidents can tend to be pretty serious. OSHA reports that some of the most common types of accidents involving this type of vehicle includes inadvertently driving off a loading dock, falling between docks and trailers, being struck by a lift truck, or falling while being on pallets that are already elevated.

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