5 Considerations for Residential Pool Table Purchases

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 24 September 2019 10:22

We all know that installing a pool table in your home is a lot of fun for the entire family, and it adds a bit of class to your overall home aesthetics as well. Pool tables are great holiday gift options when you’re thinking about upgrading a certain entertainment room or basement area for the whole family, and they’re also something that you should of course consider purchasing when you’re first moving into your new home.

The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of things that homeowners need to think about when it comes to these pricey investments, and we’re very lucky to have teamed up with an esteemed custom billiard and pool tables expert to help us create this list of the 5 main considerations you need to take into account when you and your home are in the market for a new or used pool table.

So here are the 5 considerations when purchasing a residential pool table:

  1. 1. Frame Type

There are many different types of materials that are used for pool tables, like wood, MDF and a lot more. This is something that is totally up to your own preference, but there are some things that you should understand about the differences in pool table frames.

Every frame should have at least one center beam and two horizontal, crossing beams, and this is important because you’ll want to make sure that your pool table has pristine weight distribution and is sturdy enough to support the weight that’s necessary when you’re playing pool.

  1. 2. Slate Types

Slate is what lies underneath the cloth of pool tables, so it’s a crucial part of the pool table buying considerations. There typically are two options when it comes to slate for pool tables, and that is either a one piece or three piece of slate. People these days are more likely to choose a three-piece slate option because it’s typically more popular and offers better quality.

  1. 3. Pool Table Size

This is really important for all homeowners to consider because you don’t want to get a pool table that is too large or small for your desired entertainment area, which is why size is one of the most important factors when purchasing pool tables.

This includes considering the size of the cue sticks that you’ll have in your home so you are keeping your walls as safe as possible. Typically pool tables are either 7, 8, or 9 feet long, but they come in all different widths so it’s important to measure out your space perfectly so you know you are giving ample area for playing and spectating in your entertainment area.

  1. 4. Table Condition

There are countless used pool table options out there on the market for people to think about if they don’t necessarily want to spend a lot on a new table. This is perfectly understandable for a lot of homeowners, but you should always do your research before purchasing a used pool table.

This means you’ll need to do diligent inspections of the frames, pockets, slate and cloth to the best of your ability. You should never pay for a used pool table without doing these proper inspections beforehand, but for the most part going the used route can be a great option if you’re looking to save some money.

  1. 5. Budget Considerations

Your overall home decorating budget is always going to play a major factor when it comes to purchasing a pool table, and all of the necessary items that you’ll need to go with it. The prices for most pool table equipment can vary dramatically, so you’ll want to look into the prices of your entire system so you can better understand what your end prices will be and how it relates to the rest of your home decorating budget.

There are always really great options for pool tables, and by installing a pool table in your home you’ll be putting you and your family in a better place to enjoy your entertainment area a little bit more, and bond together through the fun of the game!


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