Real Estate Reasoning: What Is The Best Time Of Year To Sell And Why?

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While it is true that location is a key factor when it comes to real estate, it is equally important to remember that timing is everything. You increase the odds of selling your home quickly when you list it at the right time of year. In most of the United States, this means putting your house on the market in the spring or early summer. There are several reasons why spring is prime home selling time.

School Is Out

Many parents prefer to move early in the summer so they have plenty of time to get settled into their new home before the kids start school again. This is especially true when a move means changing school districts. Spring buying gives parents plenty of time to get unpacked and settled before homework, car pools and extracurricular activities fill their calendar. It is of note, however, that in neighborhoods with few children or areas with year-round schooling, the school calendar may not be as important of a factor in home sales. This is why it is important to work with a realtor who knows your area, like the professionals at Dee Evans Group.

Your Home Looks Attractive

In most parts of the country, spring is when your home's exterior looks its best. Late in the spring, trees have gotten their leaves back and flowers are blooming. Although later in the summer intense heat may turn your lawn brown, it is sure to be lush and green in the spring. The inside of your home will show better, too, since daylight savings time gives buyers more time to see how much natural light bathes the home's interior.

Tax Season

Buying a home and paying to move your possessions into it can be an expensive proposition. Many people prefer to do so in the spring after receiving their tax refund. A tax refund can be put towards a down payment, offset closing costs or pay to hire movers to make relocating easier. Many prospective buyers prefer to shop for homes with their tax refund in hand to help with expenses.

For a quick sale at top dollar, spring is likely the best time to sell your home. The market does vary by region, however, so be sure to talk to a local real estate agent and confirm that spring truly is the best time to sell in your neighborhood. While selling in the right season will help you, no strategy replaces the help of a qualified real estate professional. Speak with one today for more tips on how to sell your home quickly.

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