Intellectual property, or intellectual capital, is not a concept constrained only to technology companies like Instagram, Meta, or other social apps. This powerful business asset is present in every single organization in one way or another. While tangible products or measurable services that a business or organization sells to the public are certainly assets, and it goes without saying that physical locations and business equipment used to make products or facilitate services also fall under that category, intellectual capital is rooted in knowledge, experience, ideas, branding concepts, and more.
Truthfully, and rather unfortunately, many organizations and industry professionals do not realize that intellectual capital is the most valuable asset their organization has! This comes from a long-standing struggle for many generations to place a value on intellectual capital, because it is what I have referred to in the past as an intangible asset. In other words, an idea is just…
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If you spent 3 days of last week watching the 2022 NFL draft of 262 college football players, you probably were bored, unless you had a “dog-in-that-fight” meaning you had a player or team in whom you were interested. There were lots of player/team draft parties held throughout the country. I spent some of last week waiting to see who would get picked as the “last draft choice.” That in itself sounds like it could have been a waste of time — but not for me.
It was in 1975  when Paul Salaita showed up at my Newport Beach home to ask if I would help with a project he was planning? I said “Of course! What do you have in mind?” Paul said, “I want to do something for someone for no good reason. “And that’s it, I countered?” “I want to honor the NFL’s last draft choice,” he said. And he did!…
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Technology and the disruptions it causes are a Hard Trend future certainty, in that it will continue to upend industry after industry without prejudice. There are a number of fears surrounding displacement by technology by both business leaders and employees in an array of industries, but the common thread ties tightly to automation software and hardware.
In other words, many fear that robotics and artificial intelligence (A.I.) will lead the charge in permanently removing human beings from their careers, leaving them unemployed and without any new opportunities. Let me dispel it from the start: This is not going to happen. Changes will take place but being human is a highly leverageable asset in the digitally disruptive future. In my Anticipatory Leader System, there are several competencies that I teach that point to why and how human beings will become more valuable than ever as technology gets more autonomous by the day. Transitioning to an…
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The Fed raised interest rates on Thursday by 50 basis points and signaled a reduction in the Fed balance sheet. While it was a good start in heading where they need to go, it’s about a year late! As expected, the bond market is happy with the announcement and while there may be some continued volatility with the unemployment data and Friday’s jobs report, I think this is a sign that the bond market will see how things progress before running up any higher. Purchase applications are off a little more than 10% year over year, but stronger than they were last week. Even refinances went up a little week over week but are just about a third of what they were last year. So that was the news. Here is the nonsense. Layoffs continue throughout the industry as those lenders who were pounding refinances last year are having to…
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As social media continues to scream about how bad the housing market is, how interest rates are going to cause the next housing bubble, and the list goes on an on. I feel the pain of those trying to tell the truth and explain the reality. The good news is, the reality, while not as good as it once was, is still better than most people would have you believe, especially when you compare all the information.
Interest rates are higher and so are home prices. While many believe higher rates will force down home prices, you need to be aware that it may only slow the GAIN in home prices. Demand remains very high. Rents are still going higher which also puts pressure on the housing market. We are also dealing with availability. There is far more demand for housing than there is housing available. New construction…
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has been called a bully by members of the press for his actions against Ukraine. He is much worse than that. His destruction of land and buildings and more importantly the deaths of thousands of lives go way beyond that of bullying. Makes one wonder what Putin’s behavior was like as a youth. Was he a bully as a kid or perhaps was he a victim of bullying?
Now don’t get ahead of me. I have not changed the TunneySide from a sports column to one of a political nature. I never appreciated bullies in school and furthermore did all I could as a teacher or coach or principal to correct young people who displayed that type of behavior. What brings this to mind is that now that the pandemic has lessened, and kids are returning to classrooms and playgrounds, more interaction among students…
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Did you hear the one about the Mom who sent “LOL” regarding the passing of a loved one? In this case it was the older generation innocently texting & trying, thinking LOL stood for, “Lots of Love”, not the “Laughing Out Loud” that has become today’s version of the abbreviation. Texting & Trying is Drinking & Driving for old people: Generational Confusion.  This proves there is comedy in tragedy, as well as hilarity in definitions and communication. Sending LOL to someone regarding a death seems ridiculous, and yet, we need our sense of humor even when things are actually sad. Most funerals I have attended are pretty somber, although people do their best to put forth a smile.  Sometimes it’s accidental! When my wife’s grandma passed away in 2001 the family decided to hold the viewing in her living room. I was a newlywed and wondered if this was some kind of ruse…
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